The Rabbit Hole


  • The Rabbit Hole is a place of permission for everyone
  • Framed primarily for member use
  • It’s where conversion and ideas turn into tangible projects
  • It’s a place projects are populated with collaborators – a place to reach out and ask for help
    • It’s a place where ideas and meet reality
  • It’s a place projects are taken to the next level


Cheshire cat grin

The Rabbit Hole

  • Make it part of the 3.0 online community (Kitchen Table or Coffee Shop)
    • Possibly have exclusivity access which will take someone to one forum or the other
  • Make it more manual than automatic. Think the little girls search in “Halt and Catch Fire” — the human touch
  • Access through Purpose Driven Engagement in this site
  • The Black List
  • Art of Collaboration
  • Building H (this is an interesting format)
    • It has no forum or no real specific call for action except to join the newsletter
  • Weekly Nuclear Alerts
  • Request for referrals


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