Community 3.0 Construction Kit


Well-being, Hope and Role of Community

What if we designed our communities around the idea of maximizing engagement. The more engaged our residents would be … the more empowered they would be and feel they were more in control of their health, well-being and their futures. Imagine if a chance to engage, whether it was physical, mental or social was just around the corner. And what if opportunities to help others realize the same were part of the fabric our daily lives. What if our physical security and well-being was not dependent on government assistance or the whims of a fickle market driven economy. What if our neighborhood was our safety net, a safety net that knew best in a neighbor’s time of need. And what if the streets of our community became melting pots of serendipity – places where curiosity was bred and benevolence was the norm.

What if engagement and well-being was how a community measured itself, not obtuse economic activity often distorted through the one-dimensional filter of irrelevant statistics. What if we fixated on what we “could,” rather than what we “can’t.” And what if getting up in the morning was a chance to nurture our hope … and engage with other to help them do the same.

Front Porch construction kit

  • Community 3.0Communities need help. And the man on the white horse, the man in the white hat … well he’s not coming. Community 3.0 shows the way we can empower and engage our citizens through a network of small business based volunteerism.
  • Community 3.0 Members Owners ManualImagine if you had a virtual assistant that gathered possible ways you could engage with your body, your mind and socially with your community. Community 3.0’s Melvin will help you navigate the way down the road to your Perfect World.
  • Community 3.0 Merchants Owners ManualThe Norwegians have a word dugnad can best be described as a type of civic and communal mindset where people get together and volunteer to fix, clean, paint or tidy things up for the betterment of their community. Community 3.0 version of dugnad is the Front Porch network.
  • 3.0 Academy: An integral part of the Community 3.0 ecosystem and experience is its online roster of instruction material. Whether its building community or designing volunteer programs, 200+ articles of guidance is available. Also included the comprehensive Alliance training program.
  • “Road to Your Community’s Perfect World” blog series: Community 3.0 is its underlying philosophy is based on the tenets outlines in a twenty piece series. The series progresses along the subjects of empathy, cross-pollination, the importance of small business and community resource maximization culminating in a hybrid option for societal evolution.