Looking Out Your Front Porch

A “Call for Contribution” to clean up outside out Front Porch


  • Where we live needs help (follow with the first page)
  • But it’s not enough just to participate – you and reading this and to me that means you’re leaders; and in this case situational leaders in task of environmental restoration – or cleaning up out side our Front Porch
  • Our idea of a Front Porch could our local watering hole, Joe’s garage, your kid’s school or for the ambitious – the entire world
  • While intentions are a start – they’re only that, just a start. We need a not only a plan of what we’re going to do, but a plan on the best way to accomplish it.


  • In the post on Meadows – I broke here philosophy of leverages. This is how we need to attack it.
  • Below is summary: (rework the master list)
    • leverage
    • making it real notes


  • I’ve started a database of ways we can help along with what leverage they would fit into Here is the link
  • But what I ask from all of you is help. Help me find more ways along with helping me write the blog post series.
  • Let’s put together a clearinghouse. Somewhere not only everyone can go to contribute – but a place where they’ll know how significant their contribution will be. A place where they can expend effort in the places that not only fit their strengths, but where their effort will be most impactful
  • Developing the platform is the first step and this is where I need you.
  • Let me know and I’ll send you a link to get into the collaboration document on Dropbox. Your input can be as much or as little as you want it to be (think Wikipedia).
  • But know what you’ll be contributing to. You’ll be ….