Jan Oldenburg collaboration


Site outline:

Use links to expound. Keep it tight.

  • Opening:
    • Condensed version of “Saturday …”
    • See what I have in Melvin
    • Engagement is the key
  • Goals
    • Proliferating the populace with the tools and opportunities for health and well-being engagement
      • All efforts should be towards the goal of engagement: engagement by the people in the streets – not just absolving themselves from engagement and thinking.
    • And with these tools and opportunities build an engaged populace around health and well-being that will set a standard nationwide
      • Modify the 3.0 Tenets to fit the collaboration
      • Create massive points of in-person physical engagement
        • Healthcare provider
        • Small business
        • Streets (through interactions with volunteer projects – either actively or as a spectator)
  • Strategy to push the proliferation
    • The approach will be local (with a national theme – that can be branded specifically to each Node): Everything will depend on the person doing the driving in the Node.
    • Expound on the need for congregation space (Front Porches) and the effectiveness of peers and societal grouping for behavioral modification
      • digital apps are normally limited to the one-to-the-phone relationship
      • physical engagement can be triadic+
    • Involvement from the Front Porch network will force not only patient/physician engagement on the healthcare system but also open the range solutions to health provided by the community (countering isolation, and just brute manpower).
      • Think about the projects that used private computers to solve massive data crunching problems.
      • Members of the 3.0 will open up space in their lives to help societal problems
    • How do we increase engagement (breakdown by sources) — strengthen the bonds of connection — to be used as a platform for achieving goals
      • the bleedingEDGE platform
        • builds the Front Porches which makes them more effective vehicles for our mission. Gives small businesses a marketing and communication tool they wouldn’t otherwise have. It’s all about the strength of the Front Porch network
        • use as platform for health apps (e.g. death, caregiving, etc.)
      • focus on Dugnads
        • strengthens the community and encourages commraderie (especially where division had previously existed – this is very important in the time of Trump)
      • the multi-value of the Narrative for Engagement (an exercise in self-awareness)
        • the coming together of stakeholders
        • the value of self-assessment (self-efficacy and self-help)
          • Strong prescription of community-based engagements to raise self-efficacy
        • the enhanced patient/physician relationship
      • The value of the network for the greater good (both Front Porches and members of the community)
        • the Sourcebook story
        • this isn’t just about pride – it’s about a belonging
  • Agenda and timetable:
    • Corporate set-up and preparing for the proliferation
    • Building the Node
  • Blue Sky and off to Oz


Miscellaneous notes:

  • Bridging the chasm and creating the connective tissue between traditional healthcare and the well-being resources of the community
    • Figure out a package of provider incentives: both direct and indirect. Play competing healthcare facilities off each other for participation (possibly exclusive).
    • How is the records sharing going to happen?
      • Chinese wall with the 3.0 creating it’s well-being trove
      • Apple HealthKit type of transfer to patient and then the patient selection of what data is shared from healthcare provider-originated data to the HealthKit and then to the 3.0.

Jan’s focus and what she brings to the connection:

  • the healthcare model — patient/citizen engagement
    • especially pushing for a community well-being model featuring community resource maximization
  • connections
    • collaborators
    • leverages
    • maybe Node leads
  • credibility
  • counsel

Clay’s focus and what I bring to the connection:

  • Narrative a what role I see in a collaboration with the 3.0. Make it open-ended enough as to not to limit it to the 3.0 as current defined
  • The Community 3.0 model as a feeder to push a grassroots efforts (3 prong)
    • Consumers pushing doctors
    • Consumers driving noise (including press) getting the attention of C-Suite
  • counsel


Next discussion (agenda): recap and map to next level

  • Further the defining session weekly until implementation

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