Purpose-Driven Engagement


Citizen Well-being

At the foundation of Community 3.0 is the concept of individual and collective community well-being. Our goal as a society must be to improve the human condition of all our fellow citizens, no matter what their socioeconomic level. The Front Porch network revolves around this. Imagine if you had a virtual assistant that gathered communications and ways you could improve yourself and the community you live in. And imagine if these were sorted, prioritized and “nudged” you to do things that best helped your physical, mental and social self.

Every morning and every evening each Community 3.0 Member receives an email synopsis of six nudges coming from whatever source best fits each Member’s situation based on a brief twenty question Well-being Assessment taken initially upon sign-up and updated as often as wanted. These emails are your conduit to activities in the community, as well as personal tasks you can undertake, that will directly will help you elevate your person human condition and well-being. These messages could be advice from your doctor, special deals from your neighborhood small businesses or even alerts of volunteer opportunities sponsored by a community non-profit. 

Community 3.0‘s efforts to improve the human condition is detailed at the initiative’s dedicated site, “Engagement For A Purpose” here.


Community Solutions

Each business or Front Porch on the network will sponsor community Solutions as part of their involvement in the Community 3.0 network. These Solutions are designed to fix the problems and take advantage of the opportunities in your community that too often are left unaddressed by our traditional institutions. They can range from organizing a cleanup effort, to fixing a playground, to even spearheading a high school mentoring or apprentice program. And by being a Member, you can get involved with whatever Solution fits your strengths and fits your desires. Community 3.0 transforms our businesses into ones that you would be ashamed NOT to do business with … something no box store or chain store can compete with.

These Front Porch based Solutions also work hand-in-hand with the Community 3.0 philosophy of engagement being at root of the remedy our society’s ills and problems. Through involvement in these volunteer activities, petty ideological divides will be bridged and ignorance of others will be replaced by empathy. It’s hard to be working next to someone with a common goal – say restoring the school grounds where both your kids go … and not feel a kinship that transcends politics originating 2000 miles away in Washington D.C.


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