The ‘Front Porch’


Community 3.0 connects businesses to its Contributors (customers) to solve its communities problems directly. We’re using our local businesses to bring back the concept of the Front Porch civic gathering concept. The Front Porch allows us to reclaim the priorities of our neighborhoods and our communities. It allows us to organize and take action directly, not wait on the sidelines while traditional institutions may or may not act.

Your neighborhood’s Front Porch can be anywhere or anything. It can be the local pub down the street or the coffee house you get your morning the expresso from. It can be Bill’s garage where everyone hangs out to watch Sunday football games. It can even be your kitchen table. What happens on the Front Porch is what matters … not what is looks like or where it is.

With the help of local Empowerment Concierges (evolved Contributors) – each business or Front Porch will sponsor Solutions as part of their involvement in the Community 3.0 network. These Solutions are designed to help their community pick up the slack and mend the societal safety net. They can range from organizing a cleanup effort, to fixing a playground, to even spearheading a high school mentoring or apprentice program. And by being a Member, you can get involved with whatever Solution fits your strengths and fits your desires.

  • the spirit and pride within the community
  • the health of a community’s residents
  • the state of a community’s youth

We have developed six ‘Solution Initiatives’ and from that several specific Solutions for each initiative. These are by no means the only ways you can help out your community. We welcome you, in fact encourage you, to be creative. Every community is different and ultimately what works for you could be different from anything we’ve thought up. We provide the platform and tools. You use them as best you see fit.

Central to Community 3.0 is communication and inclusion. We believe in a “No person should be left behind” philosophy. The Coffee Shop” Slack Members Forum provides the base for all Community 3.0 volunteer and Solution efforts. The “The Coffee Shop” serves as a virtual meeting space for Contributors to connect, collaborate and find the opportunities to “fill the needs” of their community. Think of it as the online version of your neighborhood’s Front Porch. It’s up to all involved to find these people, places and things that need the help. These opportunities and the Solutions they generate – are then managed through the Forum.

Imagine how you could use the following examples of Solutions to better your own community by exploring the links below.


“My Town Is Better Than Yours”

Community pride and individuality initiative

Imagine if there was a contest on whose city was more alive. Life isn’t just about solving problems. There has to be fun too. A vibrant city also creates an atmosphere of hope and excitement where people want to go that extra mile. Street fairs, community art exhibits all contribute to civic pride. Graffiti – it can be friend of foe. Make it art … make your friend.

And imagine if everyone in your community knew everything about your community, past and present. Too often the younger generations know virtually nothing about the history of where they live. Using state-of-the-art QR code technology – every community and neighborhood on the Community 3.0 network is going to be labeled. With just a click of a smart phone residents and visitors will be able to delve into the history and relevance of each significant building, street or other important place involved in the formation of your community.


“Broken Windows”

Community beautification

Under the “broken windows” philosophy, a broken window will give implied consent to break another. A community that makes steps to keep itself “beautiful” will stay “beautiful” and will generate a sense of pride. “Broken Windows” enables Merchants on the Community 3.0 network to organize clean-up and beautification efforts with their clientele. Examples include – public park clean-up, playground repair and boulevard flower planting.


“Apollo 13”

Community resource maximization

Every community has an abundance of resources. The key is to uncover these resources and put them to use filling the needs our institutions no longer address. “Apollo 13” is a clearinghouse that matches community needs, whatever they may be, with the Merchant and their customers that can fulfill those needs. Example of “Resource Maximization” are limited only by your imagination on what your community and its residents can bring to the table.


“Get Well”

Community-wide health initiative 

The mental, physical and emotion health of the residents of a community will determine the success of the community itself. The healthier people are, the more productive and positive they are. “Get Well” provides a framework for Merchants to organize health related activities such as – sports leagues, chess tournaments and cross generational community gardens amongst other things.


“Giving a Hand Up”

Student tutoring and catch-up help

Once a student falls behind, it’s hard for them catch up. This often leads to “dropping out” forever jeopardizing their future. Unfortunately schools aren’t equipped to help child who falls through the cracks. “Giving a Hand Up” enables the Members and Merchants of Community 3.0 to step in and provide that safety net by organizing tutoring programs and youth leagues, amongst other activities.


“Making the Jump”

Student post-school transition

One of the most overlooked aspect of a student’s education doesn’t even happen in school. That’s the problem. Schools provide virtually no guidance to students on life after high school. The youth and their success is a major tenant of Community 3.0. And transition assistance is an important part of this. Through the Merchants and other interested parties that make up Community 3.0, students will be able to take advantage of mentoring programs, internships and just general life advice.