Chris for Syracuse Game Plan

This plan will be continually updated … 

Stage One: signatures

  • “Sharing the Vision:”
    • Create a “Vision for Syracuse” page that can posted and shared online (assuming you haven’t already.
      • Convey your vision in a story. The first page of the Community 3.0 website here gives you a little idea on how I approached it. You want to leave the vision open for imagination as much as possible. Everyone will have their own idea of what the community should be. Keep the focus as micro as possible. Even though you’re running for mayor of Syracuse, you’re really going to be a mayor of a community constituting of neighborhoods. Keep the vision as close to home as possible.
      • Bullet point the tactics you want to use (i.e peacemaking, biking, pop-ups, etc.). This is the place for input from the residents (especially the connectors Alliance – see “Building the Alliance” below).
    • Post online and share via social media outlets
  • “Building the Alliance”
    • Identify 10 to 15 connectors (from Malcolm Gladwell)
    • Share the “vision” by using ‘we’ rather than I. 
    • Create defined goals for each connector using deadlines:
      • 1200 total signatures by evening Sunday, June 11
      • Individual goals for each connector. Discuss their plan to achieve goals. Create a plan together, even meeting other members of their team if possible.
      • Collect signature petitions partially the way through (example 40 at a time)
      • Everything is about sense of urgency – not daily, but hourly
    • Create “triadic relationships” that work for you on their own.
    • If possible hold an organizing meeting for your connectors to build momentum to the Sunday deadline and beyond to the election. The goal should be to gather input from them also (especially in the initial stages of the campaign). You want this election to be about them, their businesses and their futures. The more vested interest they have – the more they’re going to work with you. It will also provided you with an incredible team to work with when you implement “the vision.”
  • “Gathering the Signatures”
    • Get the petition out in the hands of your connectors (10 to 15) by end of day on Tuesday, June 6 – including having strategy meetings with each.
    • Make daily (or least every other day) progress calls on signature gathering efforts. Make sure there’s at least a “set call” within 24 hours to make sure they have set up their team. Set the bar high on for timing.
    • Social media activity:
      • Make as interactive as possible.
      • use #hashtags 
      • Solicit input for the community vision (see “Building the Alliance”
      • Call for signature gathering volunteers and referrals
      • Announce informal pop-up gathering at your connectors places (show the love). Refer them to connectors to sign the petition
      • Always push the message out there for post-election activity. To not get the signatures isn’t even a thought.

Stage Two: the campaign (to be continued)

Stage Three: implementing “The Vision” via bottom-up Front Porch civic engagement


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