The Millennials Rising “Anti-Congress”


.The “Anti-Congress” is the assembly venue for “Millennial Rising.” It consists of the fifty members of “Millennials Rising” as well as Alliance members of the Community 3.0. On occasion a Community 3.0 Front Porch (Merchant), general Members and community media representatives will be allowed to sit in. But as a whole the meetings are closed. Gathering of the entire “Anti-Congress” will occur every month. Specific spin-off meetings will happen when needed depending on project load.

The purpose of “the “Anti-Congress” is to give the youth opportunity to bring in a different perspective to the issues of the community all not just the older generations. These younger generations will debate and present issues relevant to not only them but also the community as a whole. “Millennials Rising” members will present the world from through their eyes. And with the assistance of the Community 3.0 member Merchants, these issues will be addressed.

The assembly will be run by an elected “Millennials Rising” leader. The person will also set the agenda of the meeting. Meeting agenda will consist of the following:

  • current project status
  • future project brainstorming
  • acknowledgements
  • general current event discussion

Project details will be tracked and discussed when the “Anti-Congress” in the Coffee Shop” Google+ forum.

The attitude of the “Millennials Rising” and in turn the tone of the “Anti-Congress” will be pragmatic. The goal is action, not bureaucracy. “Millennials Rising” needs no government backing aside from specific project approval or permitting. As with Community 3.0 as a whole, our purpose is to accomplish the things that government and the other dysfunctional institutions either can’t or won’t. 


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