“Recess Time”

In my societal commentary,”Orion … A Feline Metaphor for Hybrid Governance,” I proposed a hybrid type of governance as alternative to our current political malaise and civic ineptitude. At the center of this hybrid is the Community 3.0 Front Porch civic network. A Front Porch can be the local pub down the street or the coffee-house you get your morning the espresso from. It can be Bill’s garage where everyone hangs out to watch Sunday football games. It can even be your kitchen table. What happens on the Front Porch is what matters … not what it looks like or where it is.

The Front Porch’s purpose is to identify Solutions, whether they be in response of needs or opportunities. These Solutions are designed to help your community pick up the slack and mend its societal safety net. They can range from organizing a cleanup effort, to fixing a playground, to even spearheading a high school mentoring or apprentice program.

To get a more full understanding of the Community 3.0 Front Porch concept, please read the post, “Front Porches.

As a part of the Community 3.0 platform we’ve put together a roster of several examples of what can come of collaborations in your community’s Front Porches. Imagine, take direct action … and this could be your community.

One of these examples is “Recess Time.”

Ripped nets posterize

Playground Restoration

When is the last time you drove by a grade school and saw a broken down playground overrun by weeds, or a basketball court with no nets on its rims. What about the jungle gym. Don’t these people know that weeds are no substitute for padding. What kid wants to play basketball on a court with no nets? How do you know if you even made the shot? Or who wants fight the pigeon grass for the first two steps up the cross ladder? You’ve probably seen it this morning on your way to work.

Even with the childhood obesity epidemic, physical activity has been all but neglected in the pursuit to keep up with the Chinese in math and science. And our schools and communities sure haven’t made it any easier for the kids to try to get activity on their own. Half the battle is providing our children with facilities, indoors or outdoors … and they’ll take it from there.

Imagine if those same playgrounds functioned so well that not only were they used during school, but also after school because they were the “places to be.” ”Recess Time” is a Community 3.0 project that aims to make every school and public playground an attraction and a source of neighborhood pride. Playgrounds can be a place where communities bond. Parents as well as the kids share common goals here … the welfare of the next generation!

Jugaad (Indian): an innovative fix using few resources

“Recess Time” will feature cooperative  efforts between local architectural firms and colleges as well as parents to design and construct the most sustainable examples of functional “resource maximization” for the ones that need it most … our children. Architectural firms should solicit the help of their future brethren from local colleges to create hands-on mentoring projects. Student teams will be involved in contests to determine the best design, either by remodel or complete rebuild. The students would also be required to arrange for acquisition of the building materials – as inexpensively as possible, if not for no cost. And a premium would be put on using recycled components.

College physical education students could also be incorporated to help design, using their expertise to create a playground that doubles as a cross-training facility providing highest level of fitness; as well as fun for the children. “Recess Time” is more than just fixing a playground. It is a learning experience for the community on all educational and professional levels to collaborate together for a common goal … a goal that benefits all.


We ask you to join the “Recess Time” initiative in your community. Help us create a foundation for which our communities can build on in their quest for self-sustainability and well-being. No matter what role you wish to play; whether it’s directly in your community or you’re someone who wants to lend your experience and expertise to us in devising network-wide programs … we welcome you.

To get a more full understanding of the Community 3.0 Front Porch concept, please read the post, Front Porches.Also please follow us on Twitter at @Community3_0, and check out the main 3.0 web site.

And when you’re ready – please comment below, tell us who you are and how you think you can better the 3.0 community.


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