“Pretty Pictures on the Wall”

In my societal commentary,”Orion … A Feline Metaphor for Hybrid Governance,” I proposed a hybrid type of governance as alternative to our current political malaise and civic ineptitude. At the center of this hybrid is the Community 3.0 Front Porch civic network. A Front Porch can be the local pub down the street or the coffee-house you get your morning the espresso from. It can be Bill’s garage where everyone hangs out to watch Sunday football games. It can even be your kitchen table. What happens on the Front Porch is what matters … not what it looks like or where it is.

The Front Porch’s purpose is to identify Solutions, whether they be in response of needs or opportunities. These Solutions are designed to help the community pick up the slack and mend their societal safety net. They can range from organizing a cleanup effort, to fixing a playground, to even spearheading a high school mentoring or apprentice program.

To get a more full understanding of the Community 3.0 Front Porch concept, please read the post, “Front Porches.

As a part of the Community 3.0 platform we’ve put together a roster of several examples of what can come of collaborations in your community’s Front Porches. Imagine, take direct action … and this could be your community.

One of these examples is “Pretty Pictures on the Wall.”

James Rizzi - Summer in the City

Multi-Restaurant Revolving Art Shows


We all know someone who’s an artist. Maybe you’re one of these someones. Unfortunately only a hand full of people will ever see their work; it’ll hang on the walls of your home or maybe your relatives, or pile up in your garage. Getting your work out into the world is nothing but pipe dream. But what if it wasn’t.

There’s little better for one’s self-confidence than to be publicly recognized. This is especially the case for artists. Most often our community’s artists, current and future – toll away with them and their friends being the only people to see the fruits of their labor.

Imagine if these artists suddenly had a had a venue for their work. And what if it was a venue that could generate income for them. “Pretty Pictures on the Wall” is a Community 3.0 initiative that connects a community’s artists, whether they be a talented youngster or a homeless person living on the streets – with a Merchant that has wall space to fill. These ad hoc galleries give exposure, generates artist revenue and provide the Merchant a source of local art to show off in their establishment.

Community 3.0 can help interested Merchants find art that they feel is appropriate for their establishment. We can organize and publicize “Call to Art” campaigns. Or if the Merchant wishes, they can go it alone. Submission strategy can vary as much as one’s imagination will take them. It can be a simple as just showing a sample of their work, to having the Merchant hold a contest judged by their customers. Several Community 3.0 Merchants can even work together and have artist exhibits rotate from one venue to the next.


Please help us and join the Community 3.0 “Pretty Pictures on the Wall” initiative. Help us create a foundation for which our communities can build on in their quest for self-sustainability and well-being. No matter what role you wish to play; whether it’s directly in your community or you’re someone who wants to lend your experience and expertise to us in devising network-wide programs … we welcome you.

To get a more full understanding of the Community 3.0 Front Porch concept, please read the post, Front Porches.Also please follow us on Twitter at @Community3_0, and check out the main 3.0 web site.

And when you’re ready – please comment below, tell us who you are and how you think you can better the 3.0 community.


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