“Leadership 2020 Anti-Congress”

In my societal commentary,”Orion” … A Feline Metaphor for Hybrid Governance,” I proposed a hybrid type of governance as alternative to our current political malaise and civic ineptitude. At the center of this hybrid is the Community 3.0 Front Porch civic network. A Front Porch can be the local pub down the street or the coffee-house you get your morning the espresso from. It can be Bill’s garage where everyone hangs out to watch Sunday football games. It can even be your kitchen table. What happens on the Front Porch is what matters … not what it looks like or where it is.

The Front Porch’s purpose is to identify Solutions, whether they be in response of needs or opportunities. These Solutions are designed to help their community pick up the slack and mend its societal safety net. They can range from organizing a cleanup effort, to fixing a playground, to even spearheading a high school mentoring or apprentice program.

To get a more full understanding of the Community 3.0 Front Porch concept, please read the post, “Front Porches.

As a part of the Community 3.0 platform we’ve put together a roster of several examples of what can come of collaborations in your community’s Front Porches. Imagine, take direct action … and this could be your community.

One of these examples is Leadership 2020 Anti-Congress.


Leadership 2020 Anti-Congress Student Assembly


Things are not going well! Our nation’s elders, our leaders, well …. they don’t seem to doing a very good job leading. Or for that matter, even following. Our elected officials in Washington and state house nationwide more resemble a group of uncompromising six-year-olds than a body of lawmakers. Congress’s productivity has fallen to levels not seen … ever!

Special interest groups, corporate lobbyists and outright “bad” people are trying to role back environmental laws to levels not seen in decades in their efforts to rape and pillage everything in their path. Their actions are not unlike that of Sherman’s “March to the Sea.”

The Anti-Congress is the student leadership component of Leadership 2020 initiative (initially started at Rocky Mountain College in Billings, Montana). Its members are our community’s “best and brightest.” They are your community’s future.

The Anti-Congress gives these civic stars opportunity to bring the community a different more progressive perspective. The Anti-Congress will present and discuss issues relevant not only to them, but the community as a whole. And with the collaborative efforts of Front Porches (local merchants), these issues will be implemented through volunteer Solution campaigns. Members of the Anti-Congress will also be core component of the Vision Team who creates the community Vision Map, its vision for the future.

Phase One of the Anti-Congress begins with the selection of a key group of college peer leaders. The inaugural members will anchor the development of the Anti-Congress going forward. These students may or may not excel through traditional college avenues. College should include experiences both on and off campus. The more diverse and inclusive this initial leadership — the higher the likelihood it has to be integrated into the community. The Anti-Congress will also be ad hoc recruiters for their college showing high school prospects that their college experience should mean so much more than just preparation for a job.

Phase Two of the Anti-Congress extends membership to area high school student leaders. As with college participants, these prospects may or may not excel through traditional high school avenues. The selection process begins with The Bridge teacher advisory group. These advisors will compile a roster of candidates for consideration. Each candidate will be interviewed by two current Anti-Congress members.

Once recommended this group will also help the student create a civic focus plan for the prospect. The focus plan will serve as a roadmap for mentoring and Solution suggestions and placement. These suggestions will be included in the prospect’s Community 3.0 Member online profile.


While the community will be allowed to sit in, their role will be that as spectators – not unlike that of a city council. Local area NGOs and charity organizations will be welcome to submit suggestions and requests they wish the Anti-Congress to consider for community action. If acted on, collaborative relationships will then be created. However even in these cases, integration with local small business community is required. Any collaboration or community involvement should be looked at as an opportunity for mentorship and setting the stage for post-graduate involvement. 

Gatherings of the entire Anti-Congress will occur every month. Spin-out niche meetings will happen when needed depending on project load and status. Below are several recurring topics that will be covered.

  • current project status
  • future project brainstorming
  • acknowledgements
  • general current event discussion

Project details will be tracked and discussed in the Anti-Congress in the Coffee Shop Slack discussion groups.

The attitude and tone of the Anti-Congress will be action-driven. Community 3.0 does not need nor want any government backing or approval aside from situational permitting as dictating by local jurisdictional zoning and law. Our purpose is to accomplish the things that government and other traditional institutions either can’t or won’t.

You will have an opportunity help your fellow classmates, in ways the government and schools have failed to do so. You will be able to restore that pride in your community, the pride that has gone astray with the numbing sanitizing influence of the Wal-Marts, Targets and Wall Street chains. And as being part of “Millennial Rising” you’ll be able to help mend to the social safety net that has been ripped to shreds through the neglect of our elders.

“But with the opportunities available through Community 3.0’s Anti-Congress comes responsibility. After all you will be part of the solution, and a part of a better future.”

  • Community 3.0 is about the community first … not the individual. With the strength of the community will come the resultant strength of the individual.
  • The basis of Community 3.0 is “human capital.” How we nurture this capital will determine how we use and maximize the resources we have, ”Resource maximization.” Everyone has something to offer.  Don’t worry about what you don’t have, use what you have.
  • Community 3.0 is a lifestyle. The tenants should be maintained throughout your life.
  • Wealth is not just about money. It’s about quality of life and your “personal currency” can take any form.
  • The future is the youth. We nurture them and things will take care of themselves.


Help us create a foundation for which our communities can build on in their quest for self-sustainability and well-being. As part of our Community 3.0 family, band together with us to provide the assistance that our current and upcoming generations need to flourish today and in the future. No matter what role you wish to play; whether it’s directly in your community or you’re someone who wants to lend your experience and expertise to us in devising network-wide programs … we welcome you.

To get a more full understanding of the Community 3.0 Front Porch concept, please read the post, Front Porches.Also please follow us on Twitter at @Community3_0, and check out the main 3.0 web site.

And when you’re ready – please comment below, tell us who you are and how you think you can better the 3.0 community.


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