“Orion” … a Hybrid Governance Feline Metaphor


The United States is caught up in the hysterical frenzy of politics right now. Being the ratings whores they are, the media couldn’t have asked for a better scenario. They have a reality television show they can run twenty-four hours a day covering ad nauseam. Every mundane action and reaction, every tic and response is documented and analyzed, manufacturing an endless supply of so-called experts along the way. Yet absent from any discourse is whether any the candidates are actually qualified for the job. All that matters is the triviality of the hour by hour play-by-play of the Super Bowl of politics.

As if the spectacle of the election isn’t enough, the circus extends to those already in office. The death of Supreme Court Justice Antonio Scalia has raised the bar of dysfunction to unbelievable new heights as the Republican Senate majority has declared they will refuse to even considered any replacement President Obama nominates. Add…

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