Well-being, Hope … and the Role of Community


From the time we’re barely old enough to walk, the concept of “what we’re going to do” is instilled into us. Our parents have these grand aspirations for us – and rightly so. Society has always pegged the idea of who we are firmly encased in our occupation. And the higher paying these”jobs” are, the higher the level we can rise in society’s caste system. 

We devise these elaborate career paths that take decades to unfold. This is supposedly the road to our Perfect World. Yet often we put little thought into where the path is going to take us and what this illusionary world will look like once we get there. We become doctors because our parents want us to. Or we become lawyers because … well, that’s what smart kids are supposed to do. Occasionally we let marriage and child rearing interrupt us, but often not that much.

Society tells us this is what…

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