What if Reputation Ruled the World


Reputation …

It’s a specter that follows us around announcing whether or not we’re someone who can be trusted. If you’re reputable … you’re given the benefit of the doubt. If not, people look out the corner of their eye at you … not daring to gaze directly for worry of a fate not unlike that which Medusa could wield. So instead of risking turning to stone … we avoid; avoid the date, avoid doing business or avoid most anything else. We care about our reputation because we want approval. Having a positive reputation will result in being approved of by more people … and having more success in life, personally and professionally.

A good portion of my adult life unfolded while being a recruiter … or as I preferred a headhunter. In my business, reputation was everything. It hinged on being trusted with information. When doing a search I was entrusted with confidential company strategies and…

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