Empathy and ‘Shared Experiences’


“I do not ask the wounded person how he feels, I myself become the wounded person.” ~ Walt Whitman

Society has a problem with silos. I don’t mean the ones that farmers put grain or corn in. I mean metaphorical silos. Whether it’s a neighborhood, town or city; we seem to look at them as being a separate entity – much like an enclosed silo. We consider a nation being enclosed by its borders. We assume they ebb and flow, making decisions on their own volition. But really aren’t they just a collection of relationships … relationships dictated by individual people interacting with each other? And a single interaction between the right (or wrong) two people can alter the entire dynamics of what is enclosed within their ‘silo.’

In more extreme cases one of these interactions can change the direction of decision-making (or policy) for an entire nation. We saw…

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