Who’s your community?

Often we equate our community with our geographic neighborhood … the neighbor down the block (whether we really know him or not), the businesses in our town and sometimes our Facebook friends.

I view my community little differently.

Image by L. Sean Key

It’s my Tweeps on Twitter – it’s Jennifer Sertl, it’s Melissa Pardo, it’s Dawna Mclean it’s Jay Dyok, it’s Whitney Johnson, it’s Sarah Hodsdon, it’s Jess Stanton, it’s Cheryl Burgess, it’s Sandy Maxey, it’s Kenny Rose ,it’s Mitvzah Circle and endless other wonderful people around the world who give me love and support. These are the people who tuck me in at night with a hug … and wake me up in the morning with a kiss.

It’s Sean Key – who inspired this post – and even though we’ve only been ‘arms length’ friends for thirty years, we now have just created a bond – a bond which I know will be unbreakable.

It’s Terry Summers and Brian Hankla, old friends of mine, friends who I seldom see but know will be there for me … and hope they know I will be there too.

It’s Shay Kelley – who even though had never been to my home town, Minot, North Dakota – drove hundreds of miles with her husband and dog to put in endless hours of needed help during Minot’s recent devastating flood.  You inspire me. I only wish I could be half the person you are.

It’s the Black Eyed Peas – who with exception of Fergie, also had never been to Minot, but last night selflessly performed an epic flood relief concert raising two millions dollars for the victims. If only there were more people like you four.

It’s my daughter, Alexandria – while a pain at times, who provides me with an endless amount of joy and pride.

It’s my Dad – who daily amazes me with his unrelenting optimism and support.

It’s my local grocery store – who always greets me with smiles and conversation. While not necessarily having the best prices or selection … their service and hospitality more than makes for it. Go local business!

These are just a few members of “my community.” Each provides the bits and pieces to make the whole. And it’s important I recognize that I have to nurture them and help them grow – as they do for me.

A community needs love … to give love.

So go out, give some love … and build your community.


I can be found on Twitter at @clayforsberg


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