Your Neighborhood … Reimagined


Imagine .. close your eyes and think about where you live – your neighborhood. What does it look like? Imagine walking the streets, looking at the broken playground at the elementary school down the block, the vacant lots riddled with weeds, the elderly woman outside the blue house that hasn’t been painted in years.

Imagine looking inside the local middle school where you know there are children that have fallen behind, and could catch up with just a little extra help – but won’t get it. And think about how they will probably drop out … forever handicapping their future.

You walk down Main Street. Remember when it was “the place” to go, whether you wanted a gift for your niece’s birthday, those few special grocery items or even that “once-a- month” night out. It’s not the same now. The Wal-Marts, chain restaurants and big box stores have made those memories a distant thing of the past.


When you really think about it, you realize help is needed … everywhere. And everywhere there are opportunities to help, to make your community better. But in most cases, it’s only those that live in those communities, in the neighborhoods – who are the ones that can help. This is especially the case with the extraordinary shift in political power we’ve just witnessed. And it’s not just Trump and the federal government. Local communities have been left holding the bag as both the feds and state governments absolve themselves of any responsibility for the well-being of their constituents.

Schools are now more concerned about budgets than they are about children. Local beautification efforts, well – that’s a thing of the past. Food banks are full of patrons, but food on the shelves … not so much. Communities need help. And the man on the white horse, the man in the white hat … well he’s not coming.